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How to Teach Phonemic Awareness While Reading Bedtime Stories

Helping young children develop phonemic awareness early on is one of the keys for children to develop exceptional reading and writing skills once they begin attending schools. This will also help you enormously in your task to teach your child to read.

phonemic awareness

Did you know that studies have indicated that phonemic awareness is the single best predictor of reading success for young children once they begin school? In fact, studies have found that phonemic awareness is far better than IQ at predicting the reading and spelling abilities of young children.

Most people  know about phonics, and what it is; however, far fewer people know what phonemic awareness is. In short, phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify, and work with the phonemes. For example, /d/, /o/, and /g/, are the individual sounds of the word “dog”. Please note, the letters enclosed in the slashes denotes the sound of the letter, and not the name of the letter. Phonemes are the smallest units of individual sounds that form a word.

teach your child to read
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So how do you teach Phonemic Awareness to a small Child?

Phonemic awareness is not something you’re born with, and it is an ability that’s gained through repeated exposure to listening, speaking, and reading. As parents, there are many different strategies you can use to help your children develop phonemic awareness such as playing simple word segmentation or oral blending games. I have another good article highlighting 3 key tips to teach your child to read.

phonemic awarenessLike most parents, we (my wife and I) read bedtime stories before we put our children to sleep, and one of the best strategies that we like to use to teach phonemic awareness to our children, is to mix in word segmenting and oral blending when we read bedtime stories for our kids. This is an exceptional method, because it doesn’t take any extra time or effort, since reading bedtime stories is something you already do. So, here’s how to go about it.

Let’s say that you’re reading a nursery rhyme “Jack and Jill”:

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown
And Jill came tumbling after.

Instead of reading each word straight through the rhyme, you can randomly mix in oral blending on various words in the rhyme. Please note: instead of using slashes “/” to denote phonemes, we’ll simply use hyphens to make it easier to read. So, let’s assume that your child is very young, perhaps 2, 3, or 4 years old, and you want to start helping them develop some phonemic awareness. You can read Jack and Jill like so:

J-ack and J-ill went up the h-ill
To fetch a p-ail of water.
J-ack fell down and broke his crown
And J-ill came tumbling after.

teach kids how to read
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As you can see, when you read the rhyme, you simply make an effort to separate several of the first letters sounds from the words, such as /J/ from “ack”, and /J/ from “ill”. As your child begins to grasp the concept of individual sounds making up words, you can slowly increase the difficulty by breaking down each word further.

For example:


Repeated exposure of this type of word segmenting and oral blending will slowly help your child develop a sense and an understanding that each word is made up of individual sounds – in other words, you are teaching phonemic awareness to your children during bedtime stories without them even knowing that they are being taught to!

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3 Tips to Teach Your child How to Read [English]

Learning to read at a young age is important for the development of the child. It helps them develop a better understanding of their surroundings, allows them to gather information from printed materials, and provides them with a wonderful source of entertainment when they read stories and rhymes.

teach your child how to read
Teach your child to read at a young age

Children develop at different rates, and some children will develop reading skills quicker than other children; however, what’s important is that as the parent, you are keenly aware of your child’s maturity and reading level to provide them with appropriate books and activities to help them improve.

teach your child how to read

As parents, you are the most important teacher for your children. You will introduce your child to books and reading. Below we have some tips to help you teach your child how to read.

Teach Your Child How to Read Tip #1

Teach your child alphabet letters and sounds at the same time. Studies have shown that children learn best when they are taught the letter names and letter sounds at the same time. In one study, 58 preschool children were randomly assigned to receive instructions in letter names and sounds, letter sound only, or numbers (control group).

The results of this study are consistent with past research results in that it found children receiving letter name and sound instruction were most likely to learn the sounds of letters whose names included cues to their sounds. [1]

tips for teaching your child to readWhen teaching your child the letter sounds, have them slowly trace the letter, while saying the sound of the letter at the same time. For example, if you were teaching your child the letter “A”, you would say:

“The letter A makes the /A/ (ah) sound.”

Then have your child say the /A/ sound while tracing the letter with his or her index finger.

Teaching a Child How to Read Tip #2

When teaching your child to read, always emphasize with them that the proper reading order should be from left to right, and top to bottom. To adults, this may seem so basic that anyone should know it. However, our children are not born with the knowledge that printed text should be read from left to right and top to bottom, and this is why you’ll sometimes see children reading from right to left instead – because they were never explicitly taught to read from left to right. When teaching your child how to read, always emphasize this point with them.

If you want to see a good video of a 2 year old reading Watch below – this is amazing!

teach your child to read tips

Teach Your Child How to Read Tip #3

Teach final consonant blends first. Teaching words such “at” and “and” can lead your child directly to learning words that rhyme with these. For example, for “at”, you can have:


For “and”, you can have these rhyming words:

and so on…

You can start teaching blends once your child has learned the sounds of some consonants and short vowel sounds. You don’t need to wait until your child has mastered the sounds of all the letters before teaching blends.

Learning to read is a long process, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Broken down into intuitive and logical steps, a child as young as two years old can learn to read, and older children can accomplish even more.

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teach your child to read



1. J Exp Child Psychol. 2010 Apr;105(4):324-44. Epub 2010 Jan 25.
Learning letter names and sounds: effects of instruction, letter type, and phonological processing skill.
Piasta SB, Wagner RK.
Preschool Language and Literacy Lab, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210, USA.

The Manifestation Sigil Review

You have the power to choose how you live but you have to train your mind for it. Unlimited abundance awaits you and it is just waiting for you to welcome it. Read on to know how to have the abundance that you wanted ever since.

What is The Manifestation Sigil Review?

The Manifestation Sigil is a sacred method that can transform your life for the best using vibrational energy. Everything is made up of energy including your thoughts and feelings. This means that whatever you think and feel will have an effect on your own vibrational frequency.

 the Manifestation Sigil review

So whether you think good or bad, it has its own vibrational frequency. The positive events belong to a high vibrational state while negative events will translate to low vibrational state, this means that if you are attracting bad things in life, it is because you are at the same frequency. If you create your own reality and the mind is powerful, then choose to train your mind to think about all the things that you want to achieve by matching the frequency of the reality you desire.

This applies to everything in life. The law of attraction says that whatever you focus your thoughts, actions and energy into, you can make it happen. If you desire positive and good things, then you have to raise your vibrational energy by reaching a divine state or “The Super-Consciousness State”. However, it is not easy to reach that stage, in fact, it is rarely seen in most people. Reaching this state means reaching the deepest part of your mind and change its vibration level.

With the help of this method, you can reach that state and raise your vibrational energy in just 20 minutes a day.

Who Created The Manifestation Sigil?

It was created by Michael Christianson. He used a sacred tool which is The Manifestation Sigil now with the intention of helping people to actively take part in changing their lives for the best by tapping into the power of the universe.

Just like many others, Michael reached rock bottom and was saved by the sigil.

How Does The Manifestation Sigil Review Work?

Manifestation Sigil review

This program is a combination of a magical sigil and audio track to boost your manifestation ability. It was even made simpler for you to achieve best results, all you need to do is follow a simple process, starting with listening to the audio tracks every morning, focusing your desire and intent words the sigil and whisper the spell given inside.

The steps are very simple and it does not take too much of your time, just dedicate 20 to 30 minutes to do the ritual everyday. It is literally a done for you system that you cane easily follow and apply.

After consistently doing the ritual, you will be attracting only positivity and repel all negativity. This raises your frequency and soon everything you desire will become a reality after reprogramming your mind for success, wealth and happiness.


– Helps you attract wealth and prosperity effortlessly.

– Eliminates money problems and offers real spendable cash.

– Very easy to do and follow.

– Has helped thousands of spiritual seekers who experienced the program’s power to change lives.

– Teaches you to embrace opportunities and learning.

– Empowers you to tap your divine state.

– Makes you visualize everything you want to achieve.

– Transforms your life for the better.

– Helps you manifest the life you wanted to live and let go of the life you are dissatisfied with.

– Protects your investment with a 100%, no questions asked, 60 days money back guarantee.


– It can only be purchased online.

– There are no physical products.


Taking control of your life is your responsibility and that includes making smart choices. Now, if you are currently struggling and you feel like you are no way near from the life you always wanted to live even after trying so hard, then The Manifestation Sigil is a product that is right for you. It is a done for you program consisting of simple steps to help you change your life and take a new direction leading to abundance and prosperity.

10 Manifestation Myths You Need To Stop Believing Now!

You already understand that knowledge is power. And when used properly, it can change the world.

But before taking on changing the world, there are the little changes each and every one of us struggles with. The ones we reject because we don’t fully understand them.

Manifestation, Attraction, the Law of Abundance are all widely misunderstood topics. They are often rejected by people as some sort of mumbo jumbo hippie talk.

law of abundance

And that’s just because there are countless myths surrounding them. Myths that have been ingrained in our general knowledge and belief system so much, that we end up completely rejecting the true benefits of manifestation.

While there are numerous myths, I’ll share just a few of the ones I’ve personally struggled with. The ones that made my path cluttered with obstacles. And the ones that, once eliminated, paved the way for true abundance in my life.

10 Manifestation Myths to Stop Believing:

1.Avoid Negativity

So many self-made manifestation “gurus” preach this. And it’s impossible. Negativity is not what comes from the outside. It’s our response to negative behavior, speeches, and actions. When met with understanding and compassion, negativity is the first building block on your path of self-fulfillment and manifestation. Become the energy you believe in and share it with others!

2. Focus, Fixate, Obsess

This is the most harmful myths out there. Obsessing about ANYTHING will only lead to frustration. It starts with excitement. Then quickly turns into frustration. The energy, the vibration you’re sending into the universe will no longer be a positive one. And you will not manifest your desires! You will BLOCK them.

So stop obsessing! You need to TRUST that you will manifest what you want.

3. Abundance = Material Gain

I personally started my manifestation journey desiring a better financial situation. I wanted to finish my mortgage early, to get rid of my student loans, and to qualify for a lease on a new car I really want. I even put them up on a vision board, alongside photos of my dream vacation destinations.

And nothing happened. Because every time I would look at them, I’d be sad and frustrated seeing all the things I did not have! Only when I gave up those feelings and realized that manifestation starts with a positive state of mind I was able to manifest them all.

4. It’s All About the Destination!

FALSE! And you might have felt it by now. Because when you only focus on the final goal you miss amazing opportunities along the road. You miss connections, experiences, and most important, valuable life lessons that make the journey easier. So to put it simply, stop and smell the roses!

manifest your drea

5. You Manifest Through Your Thoughts!

Now this will never happen! If you believe you can lie on your couch and a bag of cash will drop from the sky on your lap, you’re dead wrong! Manifestation works through thoughts, actions, feelings, AND frequency/vibration combined!

You won’t be able to manifest anything if you don’t take action towards your dreams. So yes, you need to open up and talk about your plans! You need to take action, even if it’s with baby steps. It’s better than doing nothing and it’s definitely part of true manifestation techniques!

6. Manifesting Is Hard and Difficult!

No! Manifestation should not be hard. It is not supposed to be a focus drill where you’re put in a puddle of mud made by your thoughts and somehow you have to keep your head above the muddy mess you are in!

Manifestation feels more like daydreaming. And I’m not trying to under evaluate its power. It’s the easiness of it all which should transpire from this. And, to be honest, daydreaming is a form of manifestation. If you are trying hard to force things, you aren’t trusting.

7. “The Secret” Has All The Answers

I respect Rhonda Burne tremendously and the way she delivered the message of metaphysics to the masses was incredible. However, I do believe she neglected to explore VIBRATION, YOUR vibration, which is the core essence of manifesting.

The Law of Vibration is as important as the Law of Attraction and it needs to be properly addressed, as we all have different frequencies that need to harmonize in order to fully manifest the things we desire.

8. Meditation Requires Emptying Your Mind

This is not achievable without years of daily practice. So focusing on emptying your mind of any and all thoughts is not the way to go about it if you want results anytime soon. Meditation as a form of manifestation works best if you embrace the power of surrendering and practice mindfulness.

Law of attraction

To understand your train of thought, your belief system, and how your mind jumps from one thing to another, you need to be in observer mode. Only then will you be able to declutter and focus on what is important to you in a powerful state of flow and not an obsessive manner.

9. Manifestation is Mysterious

A lot of people think manifestation is a mysterious thing that just happens magically. That’s not true! Manifestation happens when your frequency is in alignment with the frequency of creation.

When your vibration is aligned, then your intention for what you want becomes like a magnet, attracting it to you. Like attracts like. When your frequency is off, that alignment just doesn’t happen. That’s why Manifestation Magic works so well. It focuses on shifting your frequency.

10. Affirmations are the Key to Manifestation

Many people believe that if they just repeat a mantra or an affirmation over and over, it will make all their dreams magically come true. That would be nice, but it’s unfortunately not accurate.

Affirmations alone don’t go straight into the subconscious. So they might have a small effect, but subconscious programming will override anything just done on a conscious level.

Luckily, Manifestation Magic overcomes this limitation by using the combination of guided meditations that utilize neuro-linguistic programming along with brainwave entrainment audio frequencies that are aligned with the frequency of manifestation. This powerful combo connects directly with the subconscious, overriding the conscious mind’s programming.

And that is the TRUE key to manifestation.

So, if you truly want a manifestation program that will hold your hand on the path of self-discovery, attraction, abundance, and freedom, then Manifestation Magic is the way to go. And I promise you, there are no myths about it. Just clarity!


How To Send a Message To The Universe and Manifest Anything You Desire

Have you tried writing ✍️ a letter to the Universe?send message to the universe

It may sound a bit crazy for some… but it’s really powerful.

When manifesting 🧘, we’re always reminded to be clear about our intentions. We are encouraged to speak what we want to the Universe.

There are so many manifestation techniques out there that we can do. But sometimes, it takes writing down a letter 💌 to really silence the mind and just let the thoughts flow on paper. And also, it’s very therapeutic!

Why Writing to the Universe Is a Good Idea:

Writing a letter to the universe for manifestation puts you in a more focused state.

By now, you’ve probably tried meditation 🧘🏼 and you know it’s not a walk in the park. When you want to take a break from this, you can always shift to writing instead.

Writing is one of the most powerful ways to get your desires out of your head and into the Universe.

Sometimes, things just go a bit crazy when you verbalize what you want from this life. Aside from that, writing it down brings a sense of fulfillment because you can touch ✋ it. You can also go back to it whenever you feel like it.manifest anything you desire

Also, with the Law of Attraction 🧲, we don’t really mention what we fear. Instead, we’re focused on the positive. However, there are going to be times when the fears are present. And one of the best ways to get rid of these fears is to write it down.

You can openly talk about your concerns or your fears 😨 on paper. By doing so, it will help you get rid of your anxious feelings and eventually, it will bring positive emotions.

One thing to remember when writing to the universe is that it’s not only for writing down what you want to manifest. You can also ask the universe questions by writing them down. And you know what? The answers will come to you… at the right time.

How To Write a Message To The Universe

Okay, not all letters should start with a “Dear…”

You can write a letter to the universe the way you want to.

The universe doesn’t really mind… as long as your intentions are clear, you’re good to go.

However, here are some tips that might help you craft that perfect letter 📄 to the universe.

1) Meditate 🧘🏼

I might have hinted in the first part of this post that writing down your letter to the universe can be an “alternative” to meditation. But that doesn’t apply to everyone.

I guess for some, you can treat it as an alternative to meditation. For others, you can meditate before you write down your letter.


Meditation plays a huge role in opening and clearing yourself up. Remember, meditation doesn’t require you to sit still for hours. It could be just for a few minutes and when you reach a calm 😌 state, then you can move on to the next step.

2) Write ✍🏻

It’s time to get that pen and paper and start writing your letter to the universe. Let the words flow. Just write whatever it is you want to manifest in your life.

It could be a single sentence or an entire page. Just write down everything you feel like telling the universe 🌌.

Just like when manifesting, you have to state your desire.
law of attraction


Ask yourself 🤔 these questions:

  • what do you need to happen?
  • What do you want to happen?
  • When do you want it to happen?

A good example would be:

“Hi universe, I would like to be able to pay my month’s car 🚗 payment in full before the end of September. “

As you can see, the statement above is simple yet very specific. So, when you’re writing to the universe, be as specific as possible.

3) Thank 🙏🏻 the Universe

Before you let go of that message to the Universe, make sure to thank the universe.

Tell the universe thank you for fulfilling your wish 🌠 because it’s already done. The moment that you wrote it down, the universe already moved to give you what you want and it’s on its way.

Praise the universe, Tell the universe how awesome it is and how amazing it is.

Doing this gets you into a state of gratitude. This is essential in lining up your energy.

4) Let It Go

Once you’re done with your letter, sign it, fold it, and put it in an envelope ✉️. Store it in a safe place.

Let it go and let the universe handle it.

Believe and trust that it’s coming.

5) Alignment

manifestation magic You can revisit your letter to the universe at any time of the day 🌅. In fact, this is a great way for self-alignment.

Choose a specific time of day when you want to open up the letter to read it. Just like with meditation, you have to be in a calm space to do this.

Read the letter 📄 and connect with the feelings and emotions of your wish being granted.

This can remind you of your desires and it will keep you in higher vibrations.

Re-opening and re-reading your letter to the universe can also open you up to synchronicities, signs, people, and ideas.

On the other hand, if you choose to store it, you’re free to do so. But this is another manifestation technique that you might want to try.

Writing letters to the universe is a great way to shift your energies ⚡ quickly.

If you think about it, there’s really no excuse for you not to get what you want. There are so many manifestation techniquess that you can do in order to align your energies with your desires.

Now, it’s time ⏲️ to believe in Divine Timing.

Do not resist for more abundance to come into your life.

Remember, the universe heard you and what you want is on its way to you.

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Dream Life Mastery Review 2021 with Video Review

Dream Life Mastery Review

Are you constantly challenging yourself and asking questions or having thoughts that you don’t know the solution to?  Are you living your dreams? OR as some people say do you live to work or work to live? Consider yourself lucky if you know your purpose in life or if you are already living your dreams. But if you don’t, how do you know?

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but Dream Life Mastery  may just be the closest guide you can have to a win in life and achieving your, my Dream Life Mastery Review for 2021 can help you see if it is the right choice for you.

What is Dream Life Mastery?

Dream Life Mastery is a life-changing course containing 8 Modules to transform your mind and improve your life into something you have always dreamed of.

The 8 modules are:

  • Building a Life of True Happiness
  • Success Conditioning
  • How to Achieve Exceptional Wealth
  • Unlocking the Hidden Power of Your Mind
  • How to Boost Your Energy, Health and Vitality
  • 4 Different Wealth Pathways of Millionaires Revealed
  • How to Have a Great and Successful Love Life
  • The 60-Day Challenge: Setting Yourself Up for Long Term Life Success

Every module teaches you how to take control and level up, to discover your true potential and reignite your passions to lead you to the right direction. It is a complete guide that will help you accomplish your goals in life by setting a positive mindset that you can act on your dreams and live it.

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The components will equip you with the right devices to win in life, highlighting life’s most necessary facets like joy, health, wealth, partnerships and long-lasting success. Yes, you can create your fact, set your mind into accomplishing the excellent life that you want to live as well as soon experience it with the appropriate frame of mind and also aligned power, choices and also activities, you can live your dreams!

Who Created Dream Life Mastery Review?

Dream Life Mastery is a program created by Dr. Steve G. Jones, a clinical hypnotherapist and success coach who has been practicing hypnotherapy since the mid 1980’s at the University of Florida. He already has numerous recordings and publications about hypnosis, self-awareness and the law of attraction. He used to go from $80,000 in debt to overcoming his challenges and unlocking his mind’s full potential. Now a millionaire living the life he wants.

His partner is Mark Ling, a popular and successful digital entrepreneur and a self-made millionaire. He aims to help people live a happy, healthy and successful life.

They discovered the secrets to creating your dream life and believe that you have the potential to rise and become the best that you can be, live a life of abundance and success and enhance every aspect of your life including health and relationships.

How Does Dream Life Mastery Work?

Other than the detailed guide to your self-awakening and mind-tuning which will lead you to your dream life, this program reignites your zest for life and will reignite your passions, it involves the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques which focuses on the power of the mind and its ability to create a reality that you want.

Power of the Mind

Each module has video trainings included for an in-depth discussion about each topic. Never skip a video and follow the step-by-step instructions for the course to work. The training was created and developed after careful research with scientifically proven techniques. Having Dream Life Mastery is like learning from the best so that you will have the best foundation for your dream life.


  • Easy to use and follow with a tracking progress to ensure your understanding of the modules.
  • All the steps and techniques are proven to scientifically work.
  • The creators are experts on personal growth and development who want to help people live a happy and successful life.
  • It is backed with a money back guarantee, making this program risk-free.
  • Great content! Topics are useful, informative and enlightening.
  • Teaches you to be more confident and eliminate self-doubt and uncertainties.
  • Encourages you to trust your potential to live an abundant life.
  • Motivates you to create a life that you want and to reach the best version of yourself.


  • You will be needing a reliable internet connection to purchase and access the program.
  • It takes time, patience and discipline to see results. The steps are there to guide you and only when you follow them can you see changes.
  • Results may vary from person to person.


Everybody wants to live their dream life, but the problem is not everybody knows how. It is a great thing that a program like Dream Life Mastery Review exists because it offers you a step-by-step guide to discover your true self and purpose in this world. Also, it fuels your passion and ignites your confidence, taking on challenges bravely with a positive mindset.

Make your dreams a reality and start living a life you are truly excited about by following Dream Life Mastery. Transform your life after taking the path to self-discovery.

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