Review – Flat Belly Fix

The Flat Belly Fix Review

What most individuals desire from a diet plan program is reality.

FIRST, it has to inform you the FACT concerning exercise and weight-loss that has been CONCEALED from you your entire life by the greedy fat felines in the pharmaceutical and fat burning sectors (sectors whose entire factor for being is to MAINTAIN you fat as well as unhealthy so you maintain funnelling hills of money into their already-overstuffed pockets)…

2nd it needed to be very easy … as close to “done for you” as feasible so you never have to really feel distressed concerning what to do … what the following “action” is or if you’re “doing it best”.

As well as THIRD it needed to be TRANSFORMATIONAL … it needed to provide you spectacular, almost-frightening CAUSE a shockingly-short amount of time so you can see that it FUNCTIONS as well as FEEL the modification in your body in simply a few brief days or weeks …

This 21-day plan assists you to uncover the straightforward secret of weight management without doing more exercise than you’re currently doing.

Plus… Claim your FREE Bonus is you buy Flat Belly Fix now!

Weight Loss Lifestyle Tips

Are you finally ready to shed those undesirable extra pounds, however you aren’t sure where to start? There are a lot of inquiries that should be addressed when it comes to locating the best method to reach your weight-loss goals. Wading through the wealth of details readily available can end up being confusing to say the least. These fat burning lifestyle ideas can assist.

What is a Shared Web Hosting Service? 7 Compared with Pricing

Web hosting allows a company, individual or a website/blog owner to introduce or post a website on the internet. The web hosting services can enable web site owners to post their content on the internet and provide their services or thoughts and ideas to the world. A website or blog can be viewed on the internet with the help of specific technologies, and one of these services is provided to them by web hosting service providers. Websites are stored on hosting servers, and they are then made available to the world through the internet.

what is a shared web hosting service?


If you want to get hosting services from a company, they require that you own your own domain. Just to make it clear a domain is the name or address of your site or blog – what people type into the URL field to visit your site e.g. There are many web hosting providers that provide excellent web hosting services to cater to all needs. Keep in mind that to get a domain you have to pay for it – they are not free. However, some of the providers below do offer FREE Domain names so please take note of this when choosing.

 To summarise:

On your computer say in Google you type in a domain name to find a website, the computer connects via the internet to the server of the hosting company and onto the webpage you searched for and it appears via the browser i.e Google. Hello World!

In this article we will be covering shared web hosting –So you are probably wondering What is a shared web hosting Service? Well to mention shared web hosting is perfect and most economical if starting a new blog or website. Shared Web Hosting is when the hosting service you use has many websites residing on the same server connected to the internet. There are other options like dedicated hosting and VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting options available by the below-hosting companies but these are way more expensive, especially if you are starting off.

Below is a list of some of the best and most reliable web hosting companies for shared hosting to make it easy for you to set up a website on WordPress or in fact whatever platform you wish.


SiteGround is a web hosting service that provides shared web hosting services to its clients. It offers its users multiple hosting options. They provide WordPress hosting and cloud hosting predominantly. SiteGround is ranked as one of the top web hosting companies in 2020, and it has an uptime performance of 99.99%. The customer support team is helpful and friendly and is available for service 24/7. SiteGround was found in Bulgaria in 2004 and has become one of the top-rated web hosting companies of today. It provides services to almost 2,000,000 million users worldwide. SiteGround is fast and super reliable, and it is one of the most promising WordPress hosting services.

SiteGround Hosting packages:

SiteGround Shared Hosting packages


  • It comes with an offer of a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The migration from one site to another is free.
  • The backup and restore happen automatically daily.
  • The WordPress installation is automatic.
  • Speed technologies are innovative.


  • The data storage is limited.
  • You cannot overuse data services.

View Siteground


HostGator has been around for a while now and is known for its reliability and consistency in performance. If you want your site to scale and rank higher, HostGator is the best pick for you. It provides a lot of VPS (Virtual Private Server) options and is known as a shared hosting service provider company. HostGator is more expensive as compared to its competitors, but the high price is justified as it offers excellent support service and offers exceptional highlights. They offer free disk space and several free templates for websites. You can add free and multiple add-ons for protecting your site. HostGator provides limitless options for the servers and is compatible with WordPress, Drupal, Magneto, and many more.

HostGator offers beginner-friendly tools that make it easier for beginners to use hosting services. It also comes with a 45 money-back guarantee. A wide array of web hosting options makes it the perfect pick for beginners and pros. HostGator cloud and WordPress hosting services are outstanding and can make your website stand out among the rest.

HostGator hosting plans:

HostGator Packages


  • Server uptime guarantee up to 99.98 %
  • The bandwidth and storage capacity is unlimited
  • The firewall is customized and fights against DDoS attacks
  • The support system is excellent, and you can contact them via phone, email, chat
  • Backup and restore services daily
  • FREE SSL Certificate.
  • The WordPress installation is easy and simple.


  • The WordPress and cloud plans come with extra features like speed and security
  • You can expect to get upsells when you use the services
  • Page Speed can be disappointing.


If you are looking for an affordable host, Bluehost is a solid, reputable choice. BlueHost is the oldest web hosting services as it was introduced in 1996. BlueHost is the most preferable web hosting service if you have a WordPress website. They are officially recommended if you are looking for WordPress hosting. If you are using Bluehost, you don’t have to stress about having a slow website as their speed is excellent. Even if there is a lot of traffic on your website, the speed doesn’t get compromised. Bluehost also has an assortment of VPS and dedicated servers to buy if you need something with a little more horsepower.

Bluehost provides you with an industry-standard cPanel – Control Panel which is very user friendly. The support system is outstanding, and if you have any problems, you can contact them by phone, email, and live chat. The support team is at your service 24/7 and can assist you if you have any concerns. The web hosting service is rated as the number one service if you have a small business. Bluehost has some great anti-spam and spam tools – SpamAssassin, Spam Experts and Spam Hammer to help your site getting bogged down with you guessed it Spam!

They offer beginners using WordPress a 60 per cent discount also. You can also get free website templates if you have a WordPress site.

BlueHost hosting plans:

shared hosting bluehostPros

  • 99% Uptime proven– best on the market.
  • One-Click WordPress Installation.
  • Affordable and good hosting plans.
  • The services are reliable, and they can power a significant number of websites with almost no downtime.
  • There are no extra or hidden charges when you sign up for the services
  • You can get free domain name valid for a year when you sign up
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • FREE Website backups.
  • eCommerce Friendly.


  • The renewal price of a free domain is high.
  • The upsell process during your sign up is aggressive, but you have the option of unchecking the add ons.

View BlueHost



A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has got one of the most up to date features that are affordable and can help to get maximum traffic on your website. You can also make the speed of a website faster if you use these services. Can fully integrate with WordPress for your blog or website requirements. With other hosting providers the WordPress plugin can affect site speed and make your website slow. Moreover, the site becomes less secure, and there are high chances it could catch viruses as well. With A2 Hosting this will not be the case.

They work using some of the best ideas, so any business owner doesn’t have to plan and waste time on guesswork. If you are not interested in working with WordPress, A2 Hosting also offers some of the most popular and innovative software including; Joomla, Drupal, and Magneto.

Some of the most popular services provided by A2 hosting are:

  • Web hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated server hosting

A2 Hosting packages:

A2 Hosting packages



  • It provides unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • It will provide free updates and backups
  • Money-back and 99.9% server guaranteed


  • You are charged with a server migration fee if you want to change data centres.
  • Only the turbo plan consists of a faster server as compared to other plans.

To read more on the A2 Site click A2

View A2 Hosting


DreamHost has been working hard for a long time and is currently hosting over a million websites all over the globe. They seem to be genuinely operating with their customer’s experience and success in mind. Being a website owner, you should be free in choosing whatever content you want to share, and they believe in providing an open web platform and say they have a 100% uptime! DreamHost supports WordPress and is like Bluehost one of only 3 hosting providers recommended by the WordPress Teams. Dreamhost offers its own bespoke control panel which is a little difficult to get used to.

The support staff is available 24/7 to fulfil your needs. They are giving unlimited services for different websites, and some of them are as follows.

  • WordPress dedicated hosting
  • Email hosting
  • Domain registration
  • Cloud services
  • Website hosting

Dreamhost packages:

shared web hosting and wordpress


  • They provide a 97-day money-back guarantee
  • Pricing plans are quite expensive.
  • A free domain with full security and privacy is given
  • The SSL and Cloudflare CDN is free of any cost


  • You won’t find any phone support
  • They don’t offer any cPanel control.
  • Linux only host.

View DreamHost



Hostinger is a service provider who believes in giving their customers the best of everything and being developer-friendly and above anything else cheap. But is cheap also best? They have been providing fast and reliable web hosting services and that too at affordable rates. They are offering their services to 39 countries and have got 29 million happy customers. They come with free domains, and daily or weekly backup plans, and WordPress highly optimizes the website builder.

The loading of pages is fast, and the customer support is easily accessible with the help of live chatting, but no phone support. Hostinger server speed is not as fast as some of its competitors like Bluehost or SiteGround. They have their own control panel which is easy to use and navigate. Bitninja is Hostinger Security and anti-spam feature and comes as standard with all plans.

They provide the following services

  • Website builder
  • WordPress hosting
  • Web hosting
  • Dedicated hosting

Hostinger packages:

shared hsoting packages hostinger


  • They provide good value for your money – but watch small print!
  • Good knowledge base in problem-solving.
  • There are no restrictions for the site builder
  • Secure access is given to the websites
  •  30-day money-back guarantee


  • There is no proper phone support
  • Doesn’t have one of the wealthiest knowledge and ideas
  • SSL has to be manually set up
  • The price might seem cheap when broken month by month but they make you pay annually upfront.

View Hostinger



Godaddy happens to the biggest and one of the most popular domains, which have been providing excellent Webhosting services globally for years now. Offering Linux & Windows based as well. One issue with GoDaddy is that if you wish to pay monthly you have to sign up to one of their pricier Deluxe or ultimate packages. Plus when you add on backups or SSL certificates it gets steeper. It is one of the best websites where you can search a domain for yourself, and they have specialized tools and marketing strategies through which the traffic of a website will drastically increase. They provide safety and security without restricting the content and its flow.

When you purchase any of their packages, they can quickly set up the DN settings, and that will help your domain get shorter and comprehensive shortened links.  Godaddy has been successfully working for 19 million domains, and they make sure that their valued customers get the best of areas that are secure as well as powerful. They are generous with storage and don’t measure traffic.  They are providing the following services efficiently for a long time now.

  • SSL certification – at a cost
  • Website security
  • Email marketing
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Website builder

GoDaddy packages:

GoDaddy shared web hosting


  • A free domain name will be offered in all their yearly plans
  • They provide web hosting with the help of Linux and window based hosting plans
  • You get a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • The live chat support from the customer care group is up to the mark.


  • There are some plans or packages where you have to subscribe with them for three long years
  • They provide few upsells.
  • Has become quite unreliable as of late and they are not really upgrading features or the service much.
  • No backups as standard.
  • NO SSL as standard.
  • NO migrating services.

So there you have it – 7 Shared Hosting providers for you to consider and I hope I answered the question to What is a shared web hosting service? Remember I mentioned in my opening few lines you will need a domain name so factor this in when making your choice as some offer this FREE, even if just for the initial year. Don’t just focus on price – it might seem import initially but think of your market or end-user. You want to produce a fast, secure and reliable service to your customers or readers so a fast server speed and page loading speeds is vital. We all hate it when we click on a website and the images or text take an age to load ….don’t let that be your site or blog – yikes I hope mine isn’t lagging – please let me know in a comment below if it is!

I hope you found this useful and if so please like or share it with friends. Best of luck with it.











5 Health and Wellness Apps You Need In Your Life

There’s no denying that our phones have become a vital part of our everyday routine, so we might as well start using them to support and develop our wellbeing. From meditation to sleep to hydration, wellness apps exist for whatever area of health you’re trying to improve.

Check out these top 5 apps that help you achieve your health objectives and have you feeling better in no time.

thewellness hut

Update Your Daily Routine with These Wellness Apps

1. Waking Up: A Meditation Course

Created and narrated by, neuroscientist, philosopher, and New York Times best-selling author Sam Harris, Waking Up is a meditation and wellness app that takes users along the journey of mindfulness. Described as “a guide to understanding the mind, for the purpose of living a more balanced and fulfilling life,” Waking Up truly helps you find the inner peace and stability needed to excel.

2. Sleep Cycle 

Having trouble sleeping? Looking to improve the quality and length of your night’s rest? Sleep Cycle is the wellness app for you! With Sleep Cycle, you can record your sleep and receive an audit that offers tips on how to get better rest and improve your overall health. This app also includes an intuitive alarm clock that gently wakes you during your time of lightest sleep — so you feel refreshed every morning.

sleep less night

3. MealPrepPro 

So you want to clean up your diet…But you get tired of eating the same thing. Or maybe you can’t find the time to cook at every meal. MealPrepPro makes eating simple. This wellness app curates meal plans according to your diet, taste preferences, and health goals. With MealPrepPro, you no longer have to spend hours searching for new recipes. It also keeps things exciting with nutritious meal suggestions each week so you can keep your fridge stocked with healthy options.

4. ivee 

There are many apps that help track hydration, but none that directly offers it. ivee is the on-demand wellness app that delivers IV therapy to your door. Whether you’re feeling under the weather, had a long night out, or simply need a boost, ivee’s got your back! Simply select your treatment and enter your location, and a nurse will be at your door. In no time, you’ll be living your best (hydrated!) life.

5. Streaks 

Streaks is the ultimate wellness app to keep you on track with your health goals. It allows you to create personal to-do lists that renew each day. Every time you check these off, you add on to the consecutive days you achieved your goal. Streaks delivers a report of your habits, allowing you to see in real-time how well you are doing while remaining on target! Accountability is difficult, but Streaks makes it easier!

These are just a few apps that can help positively shape your daily routine. No matter your health goals, there’s definitely a wellness app to help you stay aligned with what you want to achieve.


Source: Amber Theurer iveeapp

Natural Synergy Review – Natural Relief Fast

Natural Synergy Review

Did you know, that in 2014, the pharmaceutical revenues exceeded one trillion US dollars worldwide? You can just imagine how much the big pharmaceutical companies are paying the media for advertisements convincing consumers to purchase medicines. But, are they even safe? It is time to find out in my Natural Synergy Review.

What is Natural Synergy Review?

Natural Synergy is a breakthrough natural healing science. It uses a combination of the power of acupressure and frequency therapy. It uses natural remedies to heal you, providing you with a fast relief without taking synthetic drugs or undergoing surgery. Just by using your fingers combined with specific sound frequencies, you can heal yourself anytime and anywhere.

natural synergy review

Employing this technique based on Traditional Chinese Treatments, you may free oneself from prescribed drugs considering that almost all of these appear with side effect outcomes that range from mild to significant. Imagine, a capsule or even a pill of which is meant to aid you can, in fact, harm you. Many medicines that usually are unnaturally made could cause unnecessary unwanted effects which should not necessarily be taken easily as some may be life-threatening.

So, for those who have a choice, would certainly you rather choose prescription drugs that could cause weight gain, fatigue, lightheadedness, severe headaches and nausea? In addition to these are only minimal side effects! Or perhaps would you decide for a normal alternative that is usually so simple and on top of that inexpensive, it could possibly be a threat to the existence of massive medical companies?

With Natural Synergy, a noninvasive technique, you can get rid of the pain and can eliminate the root cause of 91% of diseases! For just 3 minutes a day, you can restore your body’s natural balance resulting in rapid healing.

Click to watch video below:

Who Created Natural Synergy?

Natural Synergy’s author is Emily Parker, a former successful professional pharmaceutical sales representative. She knew there was money in the pharmaceutical industry, she was making money but she’s not 100% convinced of the medicines’ safety, no matter how high in demand the drugs are, as a sales rep, she knew the drugs come with side effects.

So, she wanted to have a natural alternative when her doctor handed her the prescription after finding out she had dangerously high blood pressure. She was well aware that aside from the minor side effects, it can cause a series of health problems. She was surviving each day on meds and met a car accident because of nausea and blurred vision. The side effects of her meds had put her life in more danger.

She doesn’t want to rely on painkillers but the pain she felt was unbearable, that’s why she knew, she needed to find a way and tried acupuncture even though she doesn’t like needles and they are quite expensive. She desperately needed to find an alternative… and she did!

Natural synergy review

When she reached out to the woman she crashed into, that’s when she discovered that the woman was a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Dr. Lin Xiaoxi. She came from a long line of prestigious Chinese doctors who practice TCM healing arts. And she taught Emily what she needed, explaining that with a natural balance of energy, the body can heal itself rapidly and if the energy is blocked that’s when pain and diseases manifest. Because the body has energy lines connected to the different organs of the body, the energy flow must not be disrupted.

Natural Synergy Review

How Does Natural Synergy Review Work?

Natural Synergy has step-by-step instructions with diagrams so the techniques will be easy to follow. You will be provided with all the information that you need including unlocking the power of TCM, how to use the right sound to heal your body and how to use acupressure for any condition. In fact, there are over 150 specific ailments and diseases provided in the program.

To prove that sound is one of the most powerful tools for healing if you had time you should read this article on it.

Just commit 3 minutes a day to heal the main cause of your pain and diseases.

Advantages of Natural Synergy:

A natural and safe way to heal yourself.

– No harmful drugs that cause dangerous side effects.

– It has easy guidelines and takes only 3 minutes a day.

– It has already helped a lot of people.

– It will help you maintain your good health and vitality.

– Can get rid of your pain and any health concerns.

– The program is jampacked with valuable information as well as solutions to combat common ailments.

– It comes with 4 FREE bonuses namely East-West BP Balance – Acupressure for Regaining Healthy Body, Eastern Metabolism Miracle – Lose Weight While Eating What You Want Using Acupressure and Acu-Facelift Revitalizer – Defy Aging with Acupressure by Stimulating Youth Meridians. New App as the 4th.

– A Natural Synergy mobile app which acts as a professional and portable sound therapist.

– Backed with a 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.


– Must follow instructions.

– Can only be accessed online.


Regain your health and happiness by using natural and safe techniques based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and avoid putting yourself in harm’s way with unnatural medications that come with side effects that can threaten your life.

Optimal health is achievable, all you need to do is support your body’s natural healing abilities which you can learn through Natural Synergy.

Infant Sleep Fact and Sleep Fiction – 6 Strategies Analysed

It can be really terrifying when your babies wake up from their sleep at 1 or 2 A.M in the morning. As parents, we should be very careful when training our children because one little mistake in their upbringing can affect their development. They might end up waking up at night well into their high school years, or worse, develop feelings of anxiety, depression, or mood swings.

baby sleep miracle

Seeking the help of a sleep expert in effectively sleep training your young ones can prove difficult because of variations in professional advice from these experts. You may have conflicts about the ideal timing for the training process and also feel unsure about the appropriate training method to use, when and how to start the process or even which professional advice to listen to. It could all end up sounding very complicated and make you more stressed as a parent – But it doesn’t have to be and it should not be.

This is why you need to read through this article– This article will help you distinguish infant sleep fact from sleep fiction by simply detailing 6 science-proven strategies that have been said to promote healthy sleep habits in young children and babies.


Infant Sleep Fact and Sleep Fiction- Strategy #1 – Know your child’s sleep window

Our children also have certain periods of time when they feel very tired and most likely want to sleep. This is what we refer to as their sleep window. When you notice this feeling of tiredness amongst your kid(s) then you need to make sure to tuck them into bed before that sleep window closes, otherwise, his/her body will start releasing chemicals that will fight the fatigue. As parents, the problem we most likely encounter will be knowing when your child wants to take a nap or go in for bedtime.

Here are some highlighted tips that can help you successfully identify your baby’s sleep cue:

  • Your baby becomes calmer and less active – this is precisely the most obvious tell that your baby is tired and wants to sleep.
  • Your baby becomes more detached from his/her surroundings – their eyes may become less focused and eyelids may dilate.
  • Your child becomes quiet – if your baby tends to be very active during the social hours of the day, you may notice that the hyperactivity reduces as he/she starts to feel sleepy.
  • Your baby will feed slowly – when your babies are sleepy, they will most likely feed more slowly during sucking hours. Some might even fall asleep mid-meal.
  • Yawning – just the same way we yawn when we are tired, our babies do the same when they are sleepy.


Infant sleep fact and sleep fiction

For young babies, it is best to start their sleep routine within one to two hours from the point when they first wake up.

If you miss any of this initial sleep cues and you notice obvious signs of over fatigue like fussiness, irritability, and eye-rubbing, simply note how long your baby was awake and then try to initiate the sleep routine, let’s say 20 minutes earlier the next time he/she wakes up. (One upside about raising a newborn is that you get to practice and taking mental notes of these sleep cues for at least six to seven times a day).

Knowing when your baby wants to take a nap or be swaddled for a good night’s sleep is the first step to having a well-rested and healthy baby.

Another important thing to note about your baby sleep cues is that:
Babies tend to be extra-fussy, especially when they are just six weeks old. The number of times your baby cries each day will most likely increase drastically when they are six weeks of age.

Do not feel disturbed during this phase of their growth. There is absolutely no cause for alarm when you notice these changes in your babies as it is completely normal.

For the more eager parents, if you want to know if  your child or baby is over fatigued, then you should watch out for the following tells (note; results may vary, depending on his age and personality):

  • Your babies will get more active at precisely the exact time you think they should be resting.
  • Your child becomes more active and behaves strangely, in a way that is completely different from how they usually behave.
  • The more grown-up ones like a toddler or preschooler will become more uncooperative and argumentative.
  • Your child can also become very clingy and may whine a lot or he/she may just fall apart completely because of his/her inability to cope with the lack of sleep.

Most times, children have their own unique way of showing their feelings of overtiredness. Some kids may begin to look pale, young babies will begin to search for their mother’s breast and will literally attach themselves to anything within reaching distance, such as your face or your arm. Your babies will appear totally fine, even after feeding them, but they just can’t seem to stop complaining and whining and will most likely want to be held all day long. This is a good sign that they are tired and want you to help put them to sleep.


Infant Sleep Fact and Sleep Fiction –Strategy #2 – Help Your Baby to Differentiate between Night and Day

As a human being, our circadian rhythm (our internal time clock) functions on a 24-hour and 10-minute to 24 hour and 20-minute cycle (everybody’s internal time clock ticks at a slightly different rhythm). But note that all of our rhythms are a little bit out of sync with the 24-hour clock on which the earth operates on, which is why we have to reset our internal clocks every single day, otherwise, we will most likely stay up late every night and sleep in late every day, until our circadian rhythms are completely disorganized. One major mechanism that helps us regulate our biological cycle is sunrise (daylight).

Infant sleep fact and sleep fiction

When we are exposed to darkness at night and then again to daylight first thing in the morning, our bodies regulate its production of melatonin.  This melatonin is the hormone that helps keep our bodies’ internal clock in sync so that we feel alert at the appropriate times. So, by exposing your baby to daylight, almost immediately after he/she wakes up in the morning, and making sure to keep his/her surrounding brightly lit during the waking hours, you are prompting his/her circadian rhythm to notify your baby to feel sleepy at the right times.


Your baby will familiarize himself or herself with darkness as a time for sleeping and daylight as a time to stay awake. It’s best to use sunlight when regulating your baby’s circadian rhythm, instead of artificial light.

Infant sleep fact and sleep fiction

Research has shown that by exposing your baby to daylight between the hours of 12 noon and 4:00 P.M. you are increasing the chances of your baby getting a good night’s rest.






Strategy #3 – Allow Your Babies Fall Asleep On Their Own

Professional sleep experts have advised parents to put their babies to bed in a sleepy-but-awake state as often as they can from their new-born stage onwards so that they can acquire various self-soothing behaviours. Some may suggest you allow your children to fall asleep on their own at least once each day.

Finally, some experts suggest that parents should ignore teaching their children this self-soothing skill, or at least hold off on it till they are three to four months of age. Precisely the exact time when your baby’s own internal clock rhythm begins to mature, thereby making your role less difficult.

I watched this very good video ( it is long so be prepared) on baby sleep issues Science-Proven Method Helps Exhausted Moms Put Their Babies To Sleep. If you have time well worth a watch.

Some sleep professionals claim that a baby’s sleep association clock begins when they are six weeks old. They believe that it is at this point that your baby begins to really hone in on his/her environment, as they fall asleep at night. So if you have developed the habit of letting your baby fall asleep on your arms as you carefully rock and sing to them, don’t be too surprised when they wake up in the middle of the night crying. They will probably want you to rock and sing to them again because that is the only way they know how to fall asleep. To your baby, you have practically become a walking sleeping aide.

Infant sleep fact and sleep fiction

As parents, your decision on when to teach your babies how they can fall asleep and equipping them with the skills they need to do this matters a lot. But irrespective of when you begin to notice the different types of sleep associations your baby is developing, you should most likely consider whether or not your baby has started to associate any of the following habits or behaviours with his/her sleeping process:

  • Falling asleep while still bottle feeding
  • Being cuddled or rocked to sleep
  • Having you rub his/her back, singing a song, or just playing an active role in helping them fall asleep
  • Sometimes want you to stay in the room until they fall asleep
  • Depending on a pacifier/Soother

You should definitely try to remember this when dealing with your baby’s sleeping issues, to avoid causing more problems for yourself or your baby.

You can or rather you should reduce the availability of any particular sleep association your baby has grown fond of by ensuring it is only present particularly at those rare instances where your baby is trying to sleep. For instance, you may want to reduce the number of times you nurse your baby to sleep or rock your baby to sleep and try to put your baby to sleep on his/her own so that they won’t have to depend on these sleep associations every time.

Some sleep experts have deduced that the feeding-sleep association tends to be more powerful than other kinds of sleep association. So, if you can get your child to fall asleep without always needing to be fed to sleep, your baby will find it less difficult learning how to soothe himself/herself to sleep as he/she grows older.


Strategy #4 – Try To Make Daytime Sleep a Priority: Children Who Sleep During The Day Sleep Better

Scientific studies have shown that babies who sleep during the daytime will definitely sleep better and longer at night. Most people think that when their babies don’t sleep during the day they will find it easier to get some sleep at night. But the reverse is the case, as these babies tend to end up typically overtired and will most likely find it difficult to settle down and fall asleep at night. They end up feeling restless and becoming very whiny when this happens. The next day becomes even more tedious for you as a parent and more difficult for your babies as they will also have a difficult time falling asleep during nap times because of the sleep they failed to get on the previous day.


In a nutshell, it is imperative that you make your child’s daytime sleep a priority, just as you make sure that he/she receives nutritious meals and snacks for their health on a regular basis. Your child’s nap time during the day is just as important as his/her bedtime sleep at night. Just so you know, babies who have well-rested naps, no matter how brief are generally in a better mood and have a longer attention span than their age counterparts who don’t nap at all.



Strategy #5 – Know When Your Babies Don’t Need To Be Fed At Night

Sometimes your baby may wake up in the middle of the night, simply because of his/her habit even when they’ve outgrown the need for a mid-night snack or feeding. As soon as you notice your baby is sleeping soundly without that night time feeding or he/she feels particularly disinterested in nursing after waking up in the middle of the night, then it is high time you considered discarding that night time feeding as a means of soothing your baby back to sleep and try other non-feeding methods.

circadian rhythm



But keep in mind that eventually, you will have to encourage him/her to take responsibility for soothing himself/herself back to sleep one way or another. Just know that the first task will be to work on breaking that powerful food-sleep association in your baby’s sleep process. Breaking the bond can happen more quickly in some children and happen more slowly in other children. But once the bond is broken, it means that your baby is ready to acquire more self-soothing techniques.




Strategy #6 – Don’t get flustered about your child Sleep Issue

If you become perturbed, frustrated or even angry when you deal with your child’s sleeping issues, your child will healthy sleep habits in young children definitely take note of these negative emotions emanating from you, no matter how hard you try to hide it. When you accept the fact that your baby needs time to master the sleeping routines and you have more confidence in yourself as a parent that you can help find a solution to your child’s sleeping problems then handling those annoying mid-night interruptions will become much easier. Research has shown that parents who have realistic expectations about parenthood and who are confident in their abilities to manage parental difficulties find it easier to handle their baby’s sleeping problems.


Here is another related article if you had time to read 4 Baby Sleep Facts Every Parent Should Know.

No two kids are the same and babies don’t come with a manual so just do what works best for you and your family and get a routine in full flow and you will not know yourselves.

Exciting times ahead. Best of luck and I hope you enjoyed the read.

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4 Baby Sleep Facts Every Parent Should Know

When it comes to parenting, most Mums and Dads have the same common question:

How to put the baby to sleep? 

Baby sleep miracle - 4 baby sleep facts

Parents try hard to make their babies sleep, but do they always succeed?  To get your baby to sleep you have to understand some basics and that is what you will learn below: 4 Interesting baby sleep facts every parent should know.

It is a daunting task for new parents who are still in the learning phase. Remember babies don’t come with a manual and not all babies react to the same things. So at the beginning don’t worry if you can’t get your baby to sleep after trying everything and hours of effort – it is quite normal and you are not alone or as some people call themselves a ‘ bad parent’ or ‘not made for this’ – it’s life – its parenting and it does get better.

Although we cannot eliminate the fatigue of caring for a baby, however, we can help to reduce your stress to some extent. With this article, we will ensure that you learn 4 baby sleep facts to equip you and help make your baby sleep in the best possible manner so that it does not harm its health, and that is an important point to take in. If you are a new parent(s) or already have kids and this one won’t sleep – ah! It is key to try and understand or even have a rough idea of your babies sleeping pattern or cycle.

That is what we will focus on in this article – we will try to figure out your baby’s sleeping behaviour and to find the best strategy that works for you. We have put together 4 baby sleep facts that every parent should know.

Baby Sleep Facts #1: Sleep Patterns for Babies Are Not the Same as That of the Adults

Unlike adults, baby sleep patterns are unpredictable. They do not rely upon circadian rhythms. We, as a grown-up, sleep for a particular period but on the other hand, infants in particular new-borns do not have fixed sleeping cycles. They sleep when and where they want and for how long they want to.

You may have to strive hard to set their moods, which is the main reason behind their inconsistent sleeping schedule. Until babies reach the age of 5-6 months, they keep following irregular sleep patterns.

Infants feel free to sleep, even after gaining stability in their sleep patterns. Newborns do not undergo the same phases of sleep as adults as we experience sleep cycles after every 90 minutes. From mild sleep to REM sleep (also referred to as active sleep), in which the baby may twitch or jerk her arms or legs, and her eyes move under her closed eyelids, this cycle keeps on repeating.

This cycle is reduced to 50 minutes for babies. They commence the adult sleep pattern when they reach the age of walking or when they are toddlers.

Baby Sleep Facts #2: Babies Spend More Time in Light Sleeps

New parents are familiar with this fact but, do they know the reason behind it? The answer is probably no. The main reason is that they, the babies, have short sleep cycles. If your baby wakes up between sleep cycles, it does not mean that he/she is a light sleeper. For them to sleep well is just like a learning process.

baby sleep music
Milk mmmmmmm

Adults spend nearly 20% of their sleep hours in REM sleep. Contrary to this, infants sleep half of the time quietly, and half actively. Their REM and non-REM sleeping period are the same.

NREM (non-rapid eye movement) – also called dreamless sleep -consists of three sleeping stages. Just before REM sleep, babies go to deep slumber. The rest of the stages are the types of light sleep.

NREM is a very important sleep stage for babies (and all of us) during NREM the body repairs and regenerates tissues, builds bone and muscle, and appears to strengthen the immune system.

Why are we discussing this? 

Apart from small sleeping cycles, newborns undergo deep sleep for very short timings. It will barely take about 20 minutes for your baby to make a transit from profound to light sleep. Soon after that, deep slumber is followed by REM. For this reason, babies frequently sleep.

I came across a solution to help babies sleep and to educate parents on how best to do this – I wrote a quick article on it and you might like to read.

Baby Sleep Facts #3: Every Baby Has a Different Day Time Napping Behavior

Experts can talk and argue on this point forever so by looking at the average why don’t we settle it on our own? Infants go for different daytime naps, depending on their age groups. A 90 minutes long nap is considered to be a healthy one.

Routine sleeping cycles, best for the babies are 3 to 4 naps for infants who are 3 to 5 months, 2 to 3 sleeping cycles for 6 to 9-month division, and up to 2 times for kids above that until they start walking. Babies don’t snooze a great deal. They take naps for short intervals. In the whole day, they wake up on and off in the middle of dozing times of two to four hours.

baby sleep miracle
They will sleep anywhere



The daytime sleeping routine of your baby relies on various factors. Your demeanour, schedule, and conditions around them are worth mentioning.  If your baby sleeps frequently, yet for short intervals, then there is nothing to worry about. Consider him waking for some food. Some infants sleep only once but that one nap is as long as 90 minutes, which is also perfect.




The point to ponder is the time altogether that your baby spends napping throughout the day. 11 to 18 hours of sleep is considered a healthy one. The fact of the matter is that your infant is too small to read the baby books and comprehend their doctor’s advice – they sleep when they need to so just let them!

Don’t get panicked if their sleeping behaviour is slightly different from what we have discussed. If your baby is happy, you should also be happy.

Something to consider if your baby is overtired or especially at night when they cannot settle is relaxing baby sleep music – it works for some but not all have a look at this video it will give you a better idea.

Baby Sleep Facts #4: No Matter If They Sleep- They Are Still Learning

Maybe it will sound a little weird, but babies get a ton of rest. As far as babies are concerned, sound sleep is very important.

Babies undergo a learning process even when they are asleep. They spend up to 75% of their time sleeping. They prepare themselves to perceive their parent’s voices. They communicate using non-verbal signals. They show their emotions just as pain or hunger and a lot of other things too. Babies observe their surroundings consistently when they’re alert.

4 baby sleep facts

What they understand is then combined and reinforced by sleeping cycles between their waking minutes.

What’s more, although there’s no confirmation that adults also learn while sleeping. Studies reveal that learning demands to recall your observations while you were awake. Believe it or not, it works for babies!


Now it is your turn – try and figure out your babies sleep pattern so that you and your baby can enjoy some quiet and peaceful downtime. I used to get all the jobs done around the house when the kids had their naps or catch up on that well overdue sleep. It is important as a new Mum to sleep when baby sleeps so you can keep up your energy levels needed to give them the best care and attention required and also so you don’t fall into bad health and get even more sleep deprived.

Nobody said it was easy but it is so rewarding especially when you get that first smile or they say their first words as at the beginning it is all give and no thanks – that smile and chuckle makes it all worth it.

If you want to watch a video on this I made one for you – a little shorter but hey!

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Baby Sleep Miracle : 7 Steps To Put Baby to Sleep

Are you a sleep-deprived Mom because your baby is giving you a difficult time at night? Are you feeling desperate because no matter what you do, you cannot seem to find the right solution for your baby’s sleeping problems? You start to question yourself hoping for a miracle, a miracle in the form of Baby Sleep Miracle.

What is Baby Sleep Miracle?

Baby Sleep MiracleBaby Sleep Miracle is a comprehensive guide about the fastest, easiest and scientifically proven method to solve your baby’s sleeping problem.

This reliable program teaches you tips and guidelines to improve your child’s sleep. Say goodbye to excessive spending on books, gadgets and expensive consultants trying to figure out why your baby is not sleeping. Say Goodbye to a tired, confused and cranky you.

In this program, you will be learning the reasons why not to nurse or rock your baby to sleep, how important it is to keep his love tank full to avoid breakdowns, how to release your kid’s anxiety in under 5 minutes, a surprising trick to boost sleep hormone and the 7 steps to put any baby to sleep.

You must know and this is important because there are serious concerns about some sleeping ways, scientifically proven to cause harm to your child. A dangerous but common method is Ferberizing or what is commonly known as letting your child “cry himself out”. Never use this method as it is dangerous causing the child’s brain to develop less optimally and will make the child more prone to anxiety disorders including panic attacks. As parents, you must protect your child’s future and be aware of the consequences of your actions.

Another method which may cause harm to your child’s life is the use of baby swings. Statistics prove that every day more than 5 children under the age of 5 undergo emergency care for swing related accidents, what’s worse is, some die or are left with life-changing injuries.

To protect your child’s wellbeing, learn a safe and natural way to put him or her to sleep safely so that you and your baby live a healthier and longer life together.

Who Created Baby Sleep Miracle?

The program is created by Mary-Ann Schuler. She is a child psychologist and a Mom. Not surprising just like you and me she experienced what you are experiencing right now, irritable and tiredness because of sleepless nights, which led her to this discovery and has helped over 17,000 parents to finally have a restful sleep that they deserve.

She and her husband were ecstatic with the birth of their baby. But soon, her child keeps waking every single night without fail. The longer it went on, the more desperate and guilty she became not knowing how to pacify her own child. She tried everything, she bought books and tapes, paid for a sleep consultation just so she would know what to do but nothing worked. Not until she reached out to the doctors and psychologists she worked with who gave her exclusive access to a medical database which came in handy for analysing hundreds of studies to come up with a unique sleeping program for her son.

How Does Baby Sleep Miracle Work?

This program is specifically designed to make your baby sleep easier, faster and better. It is packed with solutions and guides so that no matter how fussy a sleeper your baby is, you can make your child sleep calmly and have the best and healthy sleeping habits.

Just follow the in-depth guide to train your baby to sleep so that you too can have a restful sleep and you’ll have a healthy, better and less stressful life!

Advantages of Baby Sleep Miracle:

  1. Easy to understand and implement.
  2. It is a safe and natural way to prompt baby to sleep.
  3. It includes useful noise or miraculous sounds that eases baby to sleep.
  4. Filled with tips and techniques to achieve a peaceful night’s sleep for you and your baby.
  5. The author is an experienced psychologist and a mom as well, you can be sure she knows what she’s doing, and she feels for what you are going through.
  6. It has 3 free bonuses: The Night Terror Stopper, Double-Trouble Sleeping Struggle and Miracle Sounds.
  7.  Your purchase is backed with a 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Disadvantages of Baby Sleep Miracle:

  • It is a digital product which is lengthy but very informative.
  • No physical product is available.
  • Only available in the English language.


As a Mom or a parent, you need to be well-rested to continually function and perform your roles the best way you can but when you are sleep deprived it puts both you and your baby in danger but not only that you become cranky and irritable and in some cases can get depressed.

Stop being cranky and tired all the time by using this program’s methods so that you and your baby both have a good night’s sleep and wake up happy and in good spirits to face a new and exciting day. A night of good sleep can do so much for your health and wellbeing and a lack of it can cause serious health complications. For your baby’s optimal growth and development and your peace of mind, rely on the scientifically proven solution to get your baby to sleep.

Click Here If you think everything else fails, then you need a miracle to solve your baby’s sleeping problems, a miracle that is Baby Sleep Miracle.