Self-Love Is Not Selfish it’s Vital -17 Tips on how to practice Self-love in 2020

Is self-love the same thing as selfishness? The two words mean two different things altogether. Unfortunately, society has taught us otherwise. People have grown up with the impression that attending to one’s personal needs is wrong.  That is why we need a paradigm change. Developing self-love is crucial to living a happy and fulfilled life.

self-love - I love me

Do you know that developing self-love helps you to build self-confidence and a sense of security? Procrastination, self-doubt, and negativity all stem out of not having a healthy self-image.  To make matters worse, some people compare themselves with others, making it even harder for them to find self-love.self love is important


Why is Self-Love so important?

Do you know that everything in this universe is energy and vibration? And that self-love is closely linked to the Law of Attraction? If that is the case, love will attract pure energy to you. When you are feeling good about yourself, you will feel good about everything else as well. Consequently, you will attract the same aura to yourself because life answers to your beliefs, perceptions and vibrations.

self love is so important

So, bear in mind that self-love is not selfishness it is important!  This is not about being arrogant or flaunting your virtues. Self-love revolves around accepting yourself for who you are and treating yourself with respect.

Loving yourself is one of the first steps to attaining self-confidence, appreciating your self-worth, and practising compassion. Sadly, in a world that is dominated by social media, people tend to base their self-worth on the approval of others and how their profile image looks on Facebook or Instagram.


When we are constantly comparing our lives to other peoples or have worth tied up in their opinions of us, we are setting ourselves up for misery.  It is important to have the belief of your self-worth deeply rooted inside you that nothing anyone does or says can change your perception.  Once you have self-love deeply rooted inside you, amazing things start to happen.

You will realise that the Law of Attraction is working for you when you start developing self-love. Once you embrace a lifestyle of optimism, positive things will start flowing into your life as well. Keep on reading to learn how to practice self-love and start living a life filled with happiness.


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17 Tips On How To Practice Self-love in 2020

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  1. Practice Positivity

Make it a point of duty to write three positive things about yourself. Think about the things you can write; it can be the friendships that make you happy or life achievements. You can even list the physical traits that you love about yourself. This approach allows you to appreciate the positive thing in life rather than the negative ones. The impact of this practice is like getting showers of praises instead of criticism.

2. Give yourself a new experience

Have you heard about the adage that “you don’t wait for your ship to come in, row out to meet it?” So, don’t wait for a pleasant moment to come, go out and give yourself a great time. Go out to the movies, go to a restaurant on your own and get a swell time. Break all limitation and try to outgrow your insecurities by taking charge of your life.  That is how to grow the experience of loving yourself unconditionally.

3. Travel and Explore New Horizons

One of the ways to get a new experience with yourself and develop self-love is to travel alone. To heighten the experience, choose an unknown destination or visit new cultures. Such a journey will enable you to rid yourself of prejudices and misconceptions you have harboured about yourself and others. The act of exploring new destinations takes bravery and confidence in yourself. You will discover new virtues about yourself and find self-love as you explore new locations.

4. Keep a Journal

Over the years, writing has proved to be an efficient way of releasing stress and overcoming negativity. While writing your journal, you release your feelings and emotions about yourself. The journal becomes a valuable record that helps you appreciate how much you have improved over the years. You can go back and view your challenges, see how you overcame them, and learn from your experiences.

5. The Mirror Practice

The mirror practice entails looking straight in the mirror every morning and speaking to yourself. Say something like “I love you for who you are and want to be your friend”. You can say other similar charming things about yourself. This practice has a powerful effect. This practice might seem odd at first. However, you will feel increased energy, confidence and self-esteem as you get used to the mirror practice.

6. Use a Vision Board

One of the traits of a person that lacks self-love is lack of confidence. Such people do not believe they can achieve lofty things in life. To inspire yourself, you should create a list of the things you want to achieve in life.  This practice is an amazing way to get excited about life. Better still, add a list of your live achievements that make you proud. This second list will inspire you to realise that the visions you have set are achievable.

7. Practice Daily Meditation sounds is a healing tool manifestation magic

It is common knowledge that when you practice daily meditation, you are consciously feeding your mind and soul. Unfortunately, most people never practice meditation, let alone do it consistently. When you practice the art of staying alone, calmed and meditate, you will start realising who you are and your infinite potentials. It will also help you create a connection with the world around you. Tell me this when you listen to music do you not find yourself escaping and being free from your current thoughts and worries and just let go? Sound is one of the greats tools for healing – fact. A great article on it HERE.

8. Take on Challenges

Another approach to developing self-love is to leave your comfort zone.  When you take new challenges, you will be exposing another perspective about yourself. Perhaps, you will realise a new potential that has remained dormant within you till that moment.  Take on new challenges, try to break your present personal records, learn new skills.  Learn to play instruments, try public speaking, push yourself to your limits.

9. Listen to your Inner Being

Your senses like to think rationally, but you need to transcend your rational thinking to achieve the extraordinary. One benefit of meditation is that it allows you to recognise your instinct, inner voice or gut -whatever name you choose to call it. Your self-love receives a boost once you develop the ability to listen and trust your intuition. Once you begin to trust yourself, you will be surprised that other people will start trusting you.

10. Take Care of Yourself

Although self-love transcends taking good care of your physical body, it is an integral aspect of practising self-love. A healthy self-image starts from the inside, but looking good on the outside goes a long way in boosting your ego as well. So, do not neglect your body. Give yourself a treat, pamper yourself from time to time, wear the attire that aligns with the healthy self-image you have on the inside.

11. List your Achievements

Do not hesitate to take the credit when you have achieved something remarkable.  There are lots of important things that you have achieved that helped you become a better person. Make a list of all of them as a reminder of your accomplishments. It might be educational achievements, a skill you have learned, relationships you have maintained, bad habits you overcame, and lots more. Seeing such a list makes you happy about yourself. You feel like giving yourself a pat on the back.

self love is not selfish its vital

12. Learn to Forgive.

When you forgive someone that you have been harbouring a grudge against, you are also doing yourself a lot of good. It helps improve your mental and emotional wellbeing.  Besides forgiving other people, you need to forgive yourself of the blunders you have made in the past. Stop blaming yourself for your bad judgement and foolish decisions in your past. Learn from your mistakes and work towards a brighter future.

13. Learn to Say No Without Being Sorry

How many times have you found yourself in a mess because you failed to say no? If you try to please everyone, you will end up pleasing nobody and hurting yourself. It is okay to decline a request from others if you think it is not in your best interest. A rule of thumb is to listen to your instinct. If you don’t feel like going out with a friend, just simply decline. Remember that your personal interest is important. Don’t hurt yourself in the process of pleasing others.

14. Leave Your Comfort Zone

It is alright to decline offers as we explained in the previous point. In retrospect, you should ask yourself why you are saying no. Is it out of fear or intimidation? Perhaps you should consider facing your fear if you think you are backing down out of intimidation. Facing your demons is an excellent avenue to embrace self-love. Your boldness helps you feel good about yourself.

15. List the Good Things About Your Friends

One approach to doing this is to sit down with a couple of friends and list the areas of strength of each of them. The act of identifying the positive traits of friends is encouraging to them and uplifting to your self-esteem as well. Besides, it’s an exciting way to bod the relationship with your friends as well.

16. Become a child, again

Take a time travel back to your childhood. You can achieve this by studying a picture of yourself when you were a child.  Do you remember your dreams and aspirations as a child? Look at the innocence in your eyes, the purity of intentions, and sincerity. Then try to find those traits in yourself now. You will realise that self-love has been around all these while, but it has been ignored.  Try to relive the childhood experience, and all your worries will fizzle away.

17. Be patient with yourself and those around you.

Let go of urgency and fear. Relax and transform striving into thriving. Trust in yourself, do good work and you will see amazing results and you might even enjoy it along the way.


Some of these tips might seem outlandish at first. Perhaps some of the tips will require more effort on your part. However, when you take the time to practice them, you will feel good about yourself and lead a happier life. The Law of Attraction will start working for you as you continue developing self-love.

Once you can master self-love, you will realise that it is not selfish to love yourself. Rather, it is important to accept yourself for who you are and radiate the best version of you.  Overcome the fear and pressure around you. Instead of striving to become someone else, relax, be yourself, and start thriving. As you continue to practice self-love, the beneficial results will start showing in all facets of your life.

BONUS TIP!believe in yourself - build self love

You can use self-love to create the things that you want in your life. It has the power to bring your imagination into reality. Whether you want fortune, a new job, a life partner, or a healthier life, you can love all of them into existence. Remember that self-love works together with the Law of Attraction. Speak to yourself every day that you are going to love yourself to the best version of you. That is how to create your own world and influence the world around you.


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